Standard Maintenance

Bike2011 Triumph Tiger 800 XC
Standard Maintenance Interval9,656.06km (6,000mi)
Break-in Interval804.67km (500mi)
Engine Oil Change Interval9,656.06km (6,000mi)
Initial Valve Check19,312.13km (12,000mi)
Periodic Valve Check19,312.13km (12,000mi)
Engine Oil Capacity With Filter Change3.6L (0.951gal.)
More on Engine OilAPI SH (or higher) and JASO MA, 10W/40 or 10W/50 semi or full synthetic
Idle Speed RPM1,100 +/- 50
Coolant Capacity2.4L (0.634gal.) or at draining
Spark Plug Gap0.7 – 0.75mm
Cylinder Compression9.28psi (0.64bar, 64kPa) +/- 0.15psi (0.01bar, 1kPa)
Final DriveType: Chain 525 RK O-ring or DID 525VM2 Final Drive Ratio: 16 / 50
Fork OilLevel: 107mm (4.21″) Capacity: 619cc +/- 2.5cc
Front Wheel90/90R-21 Pirelli Scorpion Trail or Bridgestone Battle Wing BW501
Front Wheel Pressure (solo/dual riding)36psi (2.48bar, 248.21kPa) / 36psi (2.48bar, 248.21kPa)
Rear Wheel150/70R-17 Pirelli Scorpion Trail or Bridgestone Battle Wing BW502
Rear Wheel Pressure (solo/dual riding)42psi (2.9bar, 289.58kPa) / 42psi (2.9bar, 289.58kPa)
HeadlightH4 12V-60/55W x 2 Halogen 60W /55W
Valve ClearanceIN: 0.15mm +/- 0.05mm EX: 0.35mm +/- 0.025mm
Throttle Grip Free Play2 (0.08) – 4mm (0.16″)
Clutch Lever Free Play2 (0.08) – 3mm (0.12″)
Drive Chain Slack20 (0.79) – 30mm (1.18″)
Engine Oil Drain Bolt Torque25N·m (18.44ft·lbf)
Engine Oil Filter Torque10N·m (7.38ft·lbf)
Front Axle Pinch Bolt Torque22N·m (16.23ft·lbf)
Front Axle Bolt Torque65N·m (47.94ft·lbf)
Front Brake Disc Bolt Torque22N·m (16.23ft·lbf)
Front Brake Caliper Mounting Bolt Torque28N·m (20.65ft·lbf)
Rear Axle Bolt Torque110N·m (81.13ft·lbf)
Rear Brake Disc Bolt Torque22N·m (16.23ft·lbf)
Rear Brake Caliper Mounting Bolt Torque22N·m (16.23ft·lbf)
Drive Sprocket Bolt/Nut Torque85N·m (62.69ft·lbf)
Driven Sprocket Bolt/Nut Torque55N·m (40.57ft·lbf)